Posted by on August 21, 2018

You’ve searched for an office space and settled on a lease—now comes the design aspect. Choosing between an open office concept or cubicle layout can be quite challenging, and while there are benefits to both, we’re here to discuss why you might want to lean toward cubicles.

Ensure Privacy

If your company focuses on sensitive subject matter, cubicles are going to provide your employees with the privacy they need. Taking calls will be more comfortable, and because desks won’t be out in the open, colleagues won’t be looking over their shoulders when sending emails or working on documents that require discretion.

Personalize Your Space

Having that extra bit of space can make a world of difference, allowing employees to have a sense of ownership. Encourage them to put up family photos and hang up another décor that will enhance their mood or motivate them.

Enjoy More Wall Space

With one’s own cubicle, there is more room to post diagrams, sticky notes, etc. Having that extra wall space can go a long way to help staff stay organized. In an open office, employees are limited in where they can post important notes or charts.

Choose From Various Cubicles

In the past, there was only the standard neutral-colored cubicle, which made the office appear unlively and uninviting. Now, cubicles are offered with a glass wall between desks for a more open feel. Additionally, for a pop of color, cubicles now come with a blue backdrop, as well as yellow, green, red, etc.

Express Yourself

Not everyone chooses to hang notes and diagrams on their cubicle walls. Some professionals show off their creativity and really voice who they are by bringing in personal artwork, race medals, or gifts from children. In addition to making a workspace feel like home, this is a great way to trigger a conversation with colleagues.

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