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There can be a great deal of uncertainty when operating a startup. Navigating the market and capitalizing on opportunities requires flexibility. When a small business may need to downsize or expand at a moment’s notice, the company’s space must be able to evolve, too.

That is why Cummings Executive Suites offers affordable, startup-friendly leasing plans for Boston-area firms. By offering short-term, flexible agreements – with a guarantee of additional space, if needed – early-stage firms can rest easy knowing that they are not locked into a restrictive situation for years at a time. Flexible leasing terms are hugely important for small business growth and development, and they have a proven track record of helping Cummings Executive Suites’ clients succeed.

Shorter Terms

Reliably predicting growth can be challenging for even the most seasoned of firms and can be especially difficult for younger companies. Some emergent businesses are understandably wary of signing multi-year agreements that would lock them into a specific space for the entire lease term.

Under the short-term leasing deals offered by Cummings Executive Suites, clients are free to lease the space for the time they need it. They can rent by the day, by the month, or by the year, depending on what works best for their company.

Cummings’ Expansion Guarantee

In a best-case scenario, a startup will hit its stride and business will boom. In the event this happens, the last thing business owners want is to be stuck in a space that no longer meets their needs in terms of size, location, or use. Cummings Executive Suites clients do not have this concern. Cummings guarantees the space necessary to expand operations when clients need it, with no penalty if this occurs in the middle of a lease term. Whether a client needs a prominent suite in TradeCenter 128 or a more modest lab, office, or flex space in Beverly, Cummings Executive Suites offers them an easy, quick, and inexpensive transition without disrupting the flow of business.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization, and that is doubly true for startups. Proper allocation of funds is vital to long-term success, and paying for unused space is an avoidable waste of resources. Cummings Executive Suite’s client-friendly rates, when combined with short-term leases, make for one of the most economically sensible options for new business owners.

Cummings Executive Suites: Bringing Startups to the Next Level

When your small business is ready for the next step, call Cummings Executive Suites. With a long history of providing business homes for greater Boston startups, we are ready to support your business’ growth at our Woburn or Beverly location. Contact us today to get started.


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