Posted by on November 24, 2019

With winter upon us, days are shorter, and with the cold weather, people are less likely to spend time outside. At first, especially with holidays, the winter can feel like a welcome change for some. Others find the cold, darker months sad or even depressing in some cases. If you are battling the winter blues this winter, read our internal blogs on how to combat them and make it to spring.

Consider Your Desk Area

As the weather gets colder, naturally, we add layers to our apparel to stay warm while walking in and out of the office. During the first few weeks of the cold, these additional layers and clothing can make us feel disorganized upon arrival to your desk. As the winter approaches, consider where you are going to put your winter jacket, mittens, hats, and even boots. Remaining organized provides a sense of control and will keep you from getting flustered. Furthermore, bring in or keep ‘office shoes’ you can change into once in the office to avoid tracking snow and mud around the office while remaining comfortable.

Stay Active

Cold and dark weather sometimes makes it hard to stay motivated. Consistently working out allows you to stay on track with fitness goals, which, in turn, provides a sense of accomplishment. This is key in keeping the winter blues away. If you are used to getting in some walking time during lunch or coffee breaks throughout the other seasons of the year—and if your building is conducive to it—walk through the halls to get some steps in throughout the day. These walks can help boost productivity and keep you refreshed during your day-to-day duties.

Natural Light

If your office allows for it, be sure to take advantage of any natural light you receive during the day. Office workers during winter do not see the sun for entire days in some cases. Sunlight allows one’s body to create Vitamin D. This is an essential vitamin to one’s health and, during short days, hard to come by. Opening the shades and adjusting your desk to feel the sunlight can make significant improvements in quality of life during the winter months.

Comfort is Key

If you manage an office, be sure the space is comfortable during the winter months. This could include stocking up on hot tea and coffee available for your employees. Additionally, as winter and the holidays go hand in hand for many people, dressing up the office to reflect the holiday season can be inviting. If your office culture is relaxed, make sure employees have the option to wear their favorite sweater to warm up if the office gets chilly. For more formal work environments, let colleagues know what is acceptable in terms of pull-overs, sweaters, and other outer layers they can wear if they get cold. 

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