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There are a lot of working professionals moving away from traditional office spaces. What once led to a home office trend is now leading to the idea of co-working spaces. These areas offer a reprieve from the daily routines of home life and their accompanying distractions. Likewise, the ability to share a co-working space allows professionals to pay less for the same amenities that make an office space worth it. For those considering a membership to a co-working space, numerous benefits are associated with the decision. Read our blog on some of the co-working benefits that come with working with Executive Suites by Cummings. 

Benefits to Co-Working Spaces

There are plenty of reasons to consider a co-working space if your presence in a traditional office is not required. For starters, co-working memberships can save you money.

Reduced Cost for Office Space Rent

A membership to a co-working space is less expensive than paying rent in an office building or complex. Not to mention, some of the additional costs that come with renting space (like maintenance and utilities) are built into the membership cost, furthering the discount. The ability to arrive in a co-working space ready for use is also a perk, as no furniture needs to be purchased or brought into the space on day one. Simply show up and start working. 

Social Benefits – Even When Working Alone

Anyone who has spent time at a home office can tell you that working in a bedroom or spare room all day by yourself is not necessarily fun. Even if you’re on the phone for work during parts of the day, it’s not the same as interacting in person. Don’t think that going to a co-working space is social hour, but there is something to be said about being able to simply pass people and say hello, or even make friends or future collaborative partners. 

A Space for Focus and Effective Work

A home office can be incredibly distracting. It can be tough to get into work mode when you’re in the same place where you live, especially if family members or roommates are there. Heading to a co-working space gives each professional the ability to separate home and work life to make sure the most is being done to increase productivity and focus. Even a few hours away at a co-working space makes a huge difference.

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