Posted by on July 20, 2019

The modern office is not what it used to be. Technology alone has transformed the working world forever. Paperwork is now kept to a minimum, with most professionals opting for digital resources. Computers alone have been a true transformation for the office. A lot of offices, however, are also looking at changes that make work better that don’t involve technology. Primarily, the idea of an open workspace is transforming many work environments. 

Cubicle or Open Space? Ideas for the Office

Two major options are available for workspaces. Cubicles, of course, are the most traditional option. 

Cubicle Pros and Cons

Cubicles work, and have continued to be used, because they offer structure and organization. For starters, cubicles offer everyone an office space to work, even when not everyone can have a closed-door office. It’s a good way to give people their own room to work while making the most of open areas. Cubicles are also a great way to keep workers in one spot, allowing for quick communication and easy conversations regarding work-related matters. In many ways, it’s a wonderful way to maximize your space, and for the most part, cubicles work quite well. 

In terms of cons, cubicles can feel a little crowded. They also close workers off with mobile walls, which can make the space in which employees work feel cluttered and limited. Cubicles are one way to use space in an office. Another, of course, is the open space option.

Open Space Office Pros and Cons

Open space concepts in the office are growing more popular for modern, progressive companies. Open spaces have no cubicle walls; instead, they feature desks, benches, high-top tables, and other workstation options in one large open space. It’s the easiest way to make do with an office area and a lot of employees. This arrangement can be more productive, as it encourages collaboration. 

In terms of cons, there are a few. It can feel a bit disorganized in an open space concept office. Also, for staff members who need to concentrate or prefer a quiet environment, this setting can be distracting. 

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