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The question above may have crossed your mind. In fact, whether to hire a receptionist is a dilemma for many businesses. This is because, as a small or medium-sized business owner, it could be tricky to decide where funds are spent to help ensure the success of your company.

Although all business organizations are different based on the preferences of the owners, most companies, small and large, tend to agree that hiring a professional receptionist is very helpful when it comes to staying organized and focused. A good receptionist can also play a vital role in creating a professional atmosphere which all business entities can benefit from. Keep in mind that receptionists do not only answer phones; they can also be an administrative aid and office support person, as needed.

Besides the quality of your services or products, how you interact with customers and clients could make or break the image of your company.  You would not like to be seen as an inefficient, dull, or unwelcoming business. Instead, you would want to be known for your courtesy, dependability, and helpfulness, as well as professionalism, and there is no better way to communicate these values than through your first impression. Having a professional receptionist can help you in the following ways.


Developing and maintaining an effective filing system, whether digitally or electronically, could be a hassle for many companies. Having a receptionist can be beneficial, as he or she can quickly back up all key documents or retain hard copies in case any major computer mishaps occur.

Also, having a receptionist keeps track of all important packages and mail even when you are away, and it could save you anxiety when you know someone is taking care of these important items at your company’s location.


Trained and experienced receptionists are familiar with the ins and outs of the professionalism your company requires. They can handle multiple tasks and improvise on the fly without showing any signs of being overwhelmed.

Whether in person or over the phone, their proficient and positive attitude always shines through. Hiring a dedicated professional, ready and eager to attend to everyone you cannot, certainly shows your customers that your company is willing to work together – irrespective of how small it is.


An excellent aspect of having a front-desk receptionist is meeting the typical requirement of being on-time every day to maintain cleanliness and professionalism and greet clients.

Even tasks as simple as brewing coffee in the morning for your staff is something that is easily overlooked by people who are managing several more complicated and important tasks. Having a receptionist means you have one less thing to worry about.

Time Management

With a full-time receptionist, co-workers and managers would have enough time to perform the tasks you need them to do. For any business, effective task management and efficient staff are paramount, because you do not have too much wiggle-room. This will not be easy if your staff is already overstretched and has to handle multiple incoming inquiries.

One major benefit of leasing an executive office suite is that a shared receptionist is included in the cost of your lease. This professional will be available to greet your visitors, and additional administrative duties can be arranged.

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