Posted by on April 27, 2020

Are you a practicing lawyer looking for office space in Massachusetts? Cummings Executive Suites provides independent lawyers with move-in ready office space. Continue reading to learn more about why executive suites offered by Cummings Properties are an appealing workspace solution for lawyers in the greater Boston area.

Lawyers Who Utilize Cummings Executive Suites 

Lawyers who have benefited from Cummings Executive Suites include those who work independently or with a small team. Executive suites are individual offices designed to provide independent contractors with a professional place to conduct business. In addition to having your own fully furnished office, you will have access to shared kitchen areas and bathrooms. Lawyers who lease executive suites also have the option to rent conference rooms by the hour or day. 

Where Are Cummings Executive Suites Located? 

Cummings Properties offers Executive Suites in two sought-after office parks. Our Trade Center 128 location in Woburn, MA is a great choice for lawyers who live in the area, need ready access to the city of Boston, or prefer an office along I-95. As TradeCenter 128 is also home to Middlesex Superior Courthouse, many litigators find it to be an exceptionally convenient office location. 

Cummings Executive Suites programs are also offered at our sprawling “Live, Work, Play” Cummings Center business campus in Beverly, MA. Lawyers who live on the North Shore of Massachusetts may prefer this location, as it is accessible to not only Boston but New Hampshire and Maine, as well. 

Amenities Included With Cummings Executive Suites

As an independent lawyer, it can be difficult to answer every call that comes through to your line. This is why our executive suites programs offer options for call answering, handling, screening, and patching services. As a call comes through, our receptionists can answer with the salutation of your choosing and patch the call through to you or take a message. Additionally, you will have access to on-site copying and printing and notary services. 

Need additional supplies? Cummings Properties’ relationships with UPS and W.B. Mason allow us to pass along our business account discounts to those leasing Cummings Executive Suites.

Executive Suites by Cummings: Providing Boston Area Lawyers Exceptional Office Space

If you need an individual office space in which to conduct your legal services business, contact Cummings Properties today and inquire about our Cummings Executive Suites programs. We’ll be happy to review amenities, layout, design, and cost and set up a tour.