Posted by on January 5, 2018

If you’re looking to move your company into a new office space, there are more options on the market now then there ever have been before. Executive suites are a unique option that offer the professional appeal of a high-end office with a much lower price tag; but that isn’t the only benefit they have to offer.

Flexible Office Leasing

Executive suites typically have much shorter leases than a traditional commercial property would. In fact, many of them even offer month-to-month leases. This flexible leasing is the perfect option for a company unsure of what its growth will look like in the coming months and years. When your company outgrows the space, you’ll be able to easily move to a larger one without breaking a lease.

Office Amenities Included

Unlike a traditional office space, executive suites come with amenities included. Those amenities could include a reception area, lobby, internet, phones, décor, furniture, kitchen space, coffee, and much more. Those amenities will be covered by your monthly lease payment. That means you get to enjoy the luxury of an expensive office space at a price that even a startup can afford.

Better Location

The lower cost associated with executive suites often allows companies to find a space with a prime location for business at a price they can afford. This location could mean having a larger applicant pool to choose from as your need for new employees grows and easy access for customers.

Why Are Executive Suites So Affordable?

The big question many company owners are left with is about the surprisingly low cost for everything that comes with the space. Executive suites are shared working spaces. That means that other companies will share the receptionist, conference room, and other common areas of the office. Through a shared working structure, the cost can be lowered for everyone involved, while still allowing them to enjoy the professional perks of a traditional office space. Moving your company in and out of the space will be quick and painless because the artwork, furniture, and most other supplies come included in the space. That means saving even more money on moving costs. Many small companies that typically wouldn’t be able to afford a receptionist and other professional features finally find them within reach thanks to executive suites.

Lease an Executive Suite with Cummings Executive Suites

The team at Cummings is committed to providing businesses with comfortable and affordable executive suites. We offer suites for lease at our TradeCenter 128 location in Woburn, ideal for up-and-coming firms. If you own a startup, book a tour of our Century Suites, which feature a waterside park and plenty of amenities. Situated in the North Shore city of Beverly, our Cummings Center location shares a campus with more than 550 firms.