Posted by on December 18, 2018

More and more companies are turning to executive suites as an affordable option for office space. If you’re considering making the move to an executive suite, understanding what features can typically be found in them is important. Each executive suite is unique, but these are some of the common features found in most executive suites.

Shared Amenities

Executive suites include shared amenities, but what those amenities are will vary from one space to another. A nice lobby, conference room, office supplies, kitchen supplies, and internet service are just a few of the shared amenities you might find. At Cummings Executive Suites, we offer fully stocked kitchens with a microwave, refrigerator, filtered water, and hot beverages. Our spaces are also ready to use immediately.

Support Staff

Executive suites often feature a reception area with a receptionist, a luxury that many companies wouldn’t be able to afford in a traditional office space. That receptionist is shared with all the companies using the workspace, and his/her services come at no extra cost. Another common form of support staff included in the cost of the lease are mail handlers. They will help sort, ship, and deliver mail for the companies in the executive suite. Those services help eliminate the stress of mail handling for you and your employees while creating a more efficient mailing system.

We provide our clients with a welcoming reception area in which every guest is greeted by a professional receptionist. Along with this, our exceptional Mailbox Program offers mail and package handling services.

Short Leases

Executive suites typically include much shorter lease terms than that of a traditional office space. Available lease lengths may include month-to-month, six-month, 12-month, 18-month, or a custom length of time to meet your need. The shorter lease term offers flexibility for your company as you grow in the coming months and years. If you’re unsure how many employees or how much space your company will need six months to a year from now, an executive suite is an excellent option.

Networking Opportunities

If you opt for our coworking space, you’ll have the ability to build relationships with the other companies in that community. By networking with similar companies, you can grow your resources and potential customer base more quickly, without even leaving the building. New companies will frequently be coming in and out of the shared space, so the opportunity for networking never ends.

At Cummings Executive Suites, we have a variety of executive suites to choose from, including coworking spaces and full-time office suites. If you need a meeting room for a day, we provide both hourly and daily conference room rentals that are fully furnished with an optional coffee setup.