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While you may never be able to make an office feel as appealing as a day on the beach, the right amenities can easily make it more enjoyable than your employees are used to. On-site amenities can make a major difference in transforming a dull day at the office to an exciting one. From coffee shops and restaurants to daycares and gyms, employees are looking for a little something extra.

Why Are On-Site Amenities Important?

On-site amenities are proven to improve employee morale in the workplace. With better morale comes more creativity and a greater willingness to do a job well. Something as small as an on-site coffee shop could be all that’s standing in the way of improving your business from the inside out. On-site amenities not only benefit your employees, but your customers as well. Certain amenities may help occupy customers while they’re waiting for a meeting time or offer a more relaxed location to hold the meeting altogether. Relaxed and happy customers are more likely to close a sale or deal with your company. Don’t forget about investors. When investors see on-site amenities, they’ll quickly recognize the professional and corporate feel that they bring to the office.

What Amenities Do Employees Want?

Wellness initiatives are especially impressive to new employees. Whether it’s a gym or yoga studio, offering an escape for employees goes a long way. High-tech amenities are also in demand. As the tech field is increasing in popularity and growing more competitive, having top-of-the-line technology is a must. Charging stations for various phones, tablets, and even electric vehicles will stand out to employees and customers. Providing such conveniences in the work environment will help improve your business.

Amenities Offered at Cummings Executive Suites

Between our locations in Beverly and Woburn, we have plenty of amenities, including on-site cafes like Marino’s Café and Big Sky Bread. If your employees are parents, they’ll love the YMCA Children’s Center and My Montessori school located at our TradeCenter 128 property. Among many other personal and business services, the Beverly property’s amenities include Four Leggers Doggie Daycare, Beverly Athletic Club, and Bright Horizons Daycare and Preschool.

At our full-time office suites, clients can expect glass entries and sidelights along with flexible lease terms and no long-term commitments. Services include call answering, copying and printing, kitchen amenities, a mailbox program, and notary service.

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