Posted by on October 24, 2019

If you are considering leasing with Cummings Executive Suites, you have options in terms of locations. Our executive suites span three locations within the greater Boston area in order to cater to the needs of our clients. Once you have decided that an executive suite is the best office space solution for you, the next step is deciding which location makes the most sense for your business. Continue reading to learn about the questions you should ask yourself when choosing where to have your Cummings Executive Suites office!

Who internally will be using the office?

Are you managing a small team, or do you just need an office space for yourself? Understanding the number of people who will be utilizing the space will help narrow down your options regarding the location that fits your needs. If you have sales reps or employees who work remotely or semi-remotely, be sure to account for any potential meetings where all will be in attendance. If these meetings are far and few between, see our conference room rental page for more information, as we may be able to accommodate your needs. 

Will you be hosting client meetings in this location? 

Another important factor to consider will be if this office space will be used for client meetings. From a single office space to a more open area, you will want to ensure that potential clients feel comfortable and that you will be able to conduct business efficiently in your space.

Where are your customers? And, are you on the road? 

If you are driving to and from clients, be sure to reduce your commuting times by choosing a location central to a majority of your clients. Narrowing down exactly which location makes the most sense for your business can help save you time and money. 

Is most of your business conducted over the phone? If so, selecting a location that is an easy commute for yourself and employees can improve the company’s overall well-being.

Cummings Executive Suites: Providing your business the space it needs while offering scalable solutions

Whether you are considering the Woburn or Beverly locations offered by Cummings Executive Suites, our talented support staff will work with you to find the space that best fits your needs as a business. Understanding how you will be utilizing your executive suite is the best way to find the executive suite that is right for you. Furthermore, Cummings Properties has numerous traditional office space options for companies that outgrow an executive suite. If you have questions regarding our executive office suites or office space solutions, give us a call today!