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Regardless of the type of business and size of the company, the reception area determine the first impression that your business associates, your clients, and your employees have of your business and brand.

Here are a few tips on how to make your office reception as inviting and friendly as possible:

  1. Adequate style and presentation – There is no need to hire an expensive designer to have a welcoming office reception area. All you need to do is match the look and feel of your business with your colors and logo. Style matters, so make sure to pay attention to the decor. It should be warm and cozy with the overall image you want to project with your brand.
  2. Appropriate and natural light – A reception area with plenty of lighting is key, whether it’s floor-to-ceiling windows, a skylight, or lighting fixtures. If you’d like additional light, purchase lamps with several adjustable settings to create the mood that fits with your company.
  3. Enough space around the reception desk – The reception area should be spacious, comfortable, welcoming, and aligned with your business’ image. The receptionist should feel completely comfortable, so he or she can greet every guest with a smile.
  4. Wi-Fi – Having a strong wireless connectivity is extremely important. If you are going to keep your clients, business associates, and other visitors waiting, make sure they can keep occupied on their devices.
  5. Promotional material – From pens to notebooks to coffee mugs, offering something extra while your guest waits is always a nice way to make a positive first impression.

At Cummings Executive Suites, your visitors will be greeted and welcomed by a professional receptionist at a modern and granite-topped reception station. We focus on creating a welcoming environment for all guests through contemporary furnishings, leather guest chairs, thick carpet, and perfect.

Allow us to take care of your visitors properly. Get in touch with us to discuss details.

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