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Executive Suites by Cummings offers meeting rooms for rent. Having a space on site to facilitate business meetings for internal and external partners is critical to the appearance and perception of your business. Read our blog on best practices on how to make the most use of your rented meeting room.

Best Practices for Meeting Room Rentals

The best thing a group can do before considering whether or not to rent a meeting room is to consider the benefits associated with doing so.

Internal Meetings

Something as simple as renting a meeting room in a new space can be enough to help mix things up and get a professional group or board of directors out of a rut. A location change serves as a mental reset, and getting out of the office and into a new environment can sometimes help members gain a fresh perspective. Holding a meeting in a rented room will convey a higher level of importance for the meeting.  

External Meetings and Showing Up Prepared

One of the best practices associated with a meeting in a rented meeting room is to make sure things are ready to go for your external business partners. Having the chairs nearly tucked in, setting out snacks or drinks, and having notebooks set up for attendees is a great way to convey to those attending you are taking this meeting seriously. Additionally, making sure to have presentations and meeting notes queued up shows that everything has been thought out and set up for success. Ensure any and all audio-video aspects are fully functional as well prior to beginning a presentation.

Executive Suites by Cummings: Meeting Room Rental Provider

Having the ability to rent a meeting room can help your business grow due to the message it can send. Whether or not you are a Cummings client, if you have questions regarding renting a meeting room, call us today. 

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