Posted by on November 28, 2018

A virtual office space is an ideal business solution for companies that can’t afford or don’t want to invest in long-term physical office space. It may be difficult to determine whether a virtual office is right for your company, but here are two questions to consider:

  1. Are the expenses of a traditional office space too high for your company?
  2. Does your team prefer the flexible work schedule that accompanies working from home?

If your answer is yes to either one of these questions, keep reading.

First Impressions

In certain industries, image can count for everything. A first impression—or even a second or third impression—can result in securing a long-term client or swiftly losing a new client. Virtual office spaces give small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs the appearance of prestige without the added expenses of a physical office space.

Location Details

One of the earliest details a client may note about a business is its location. Some clients may see it as a red flag if your company is using a home address or P.O. box for business purposes. In addition, you may not want your personal address on all of your business documents. A virtual office solves this problem by providing businesses with a physical office address while still allowing the employees to work remotely.

If you do need to meet with a client in person, some virtual offices have options for reserving day offices or conference rooms.

Transfer Calls with Ease

Along with a physical address, businesses that use a virtual office have access to a local phone number for business communications. Many virtual office spaces have administrative staff that will answer the phone using your company name and transfer calls to a contact at your company. Businesses with a virtual office can use the money that might have been set aside to hire a receptionist for other business expenses.

Additional Benefits of a Virtual Office

A virtual office allows companies to avoid many of the costs associated with traditional office spaces. Businesses that lease a physical office are responsible for furnishing the office, purchasing office supplies, and paying for rent and insurance. The set-up fees can be prohibitive for a small operation. If your business opts to use a virtual office space, you can continue working remotely in a convenient location with minimal expense.

Virtual office spaces make it possible for startups and small companies to exhibit a level of professionalism that can be difficult to attain otherwise.

Virtual Offices at Cummings Executive Suites

Our virtual office programs provide for 16 hours per month in a private furnished office. For the added convenience of businesses with a regular need for additional time in a physical office, we offer a Virtual Office Premium Program, which provides for 40 hours a month in a furnished office. Our premium phone services provide screening, call forwarding, and call patching. Additional features include a mailbox program and conference room access.