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At some point in the lifespan of a startup, working from home may no longer be the most efficient way to do business. If your business is looking to lease an office for the first time, it can be an exciting milestone. Maybe you already have an office space for your startup, but as the business has grown so have your needs. Either way, hunting for a new office can be an overwhelming experience. These tips and tricks should demystify the process and help you confidently choose a new office for your startup.

  1. Weigh the pros and cons of various locations. Location is crucial for any business, but it can be even more important to a startup business that is trying to grow. A prestigious address in an attractive location can give clients a good first impression, which may influence them to more readily trust you with their business. Other factors—such as nearby attractions and ease of access—can be important for everyone who needs to reach the office, whether they are regular employees or visiting clients. Decide what location aspects are the most important to your business, and try to find an office space that best meets those needs.

Cummings Executive Suites has campuses in both Woburn and Beverly. If you’re looking for a quick commute into Boston, our Woburn office, at TradeCenter 128, is situated right on I-95 and just a few minutes from I-93. This campus is also served by an MBTA bus, making it a good possibility for those using public transportation.

Our Beverly property also has public transportation in the area, and it’s centrally located near restaurants, bars, and parks. Some current leasing clients of Cummings Center enjoy heading over to waterside parks after work.

  1. Imagine how your business will fit in the space. Is there enough square footage in the office to accommodate your staff? Does the layout allow you to set up space in a way that will promote productivity? Consider the comfort of your employees and make sure there is enough personal workspace and collaboration space, as well as break space. If you can’t easily visualize your staff working comfortably in an office, don’t sign the lease.

Another aspect to consider when thinking about how your business will fit in an office has less to do with physical dimensions and more to do with a feeling. Does the style of the office match your startup’s brand, or the brand that you want to develop? Are you allowed to make renovations to the space? Interior aesthetics that fit your business can improve office morale and client impressions.

With our locations, we have several building and offices to choose from that can accommodate a variety of businesses from medical spaces to startups to large corporations, Explore our floor plans to see which locations are a good fit for your company.

  1. Make a list of the amenities you absolutely need and the amenities you would like to have, if possible. Air-conditioning and Wi-Fi connectivity is a must. If you expect to host clients regularly, you may want to prioritize a building with nice conference rooms and good parking options. An espresso bar and café in the lobby are great, but these features will likely raise the price. Before you begin looking at offices, make sure you know the amenities that your business absolutely can’t do without.

Our offices are energy efficient and come with updated technology, allowing you to quickly move in and get your work started. Amenities at our offices in Woburn include a childcare center, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Strega Prime, just to name a few. At Cummings Center in Beverly, you’ll find multiple restaurants, dozens of medical care providers, a variety of business services, and more.

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