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Our executive office suites programs serve a wide range of businesses across multiple industries. Some firms need a satellite office space while breaking into a new local market, while other businesses only need an individual office to conduct a handful of meetings each month. Regardless of the primary use your business requires, all Cummings Executive Suites lessees have access to a host of features and amenities. Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular amenities associated with our executive office suites programs.

Call Answering Service

Businesses that sign on for an executive suite are welcome to answer their own phones, but many are pleased to learn that they do not have to do so. For those calling in, reaching a receptionist lends the impression of a level of success and professionalism that can benefit any business. Cummings Executive Suites provides leasing clients with the option to have a receptionist screen or answer incoming calls to their specifications. Plus, available call handling and patching services mean a call can be transferred to you whether you are in your office or on the road. 

Office Supplies and Essentials

Coworking spaces and shared workspace solutions often charge businesses additional costs for printing or copying. Cummings Executive Suites offers leasing clients monthly use of its copying and printing equipment.

In addition to copier and printer use, executive office suites clients have access to office supply discounts on office products through UPS and W.B. Mason. Those who utilize this program to the fullest receive significant discounts, essentially offsetting part of the cost of renting the office space. Learn more about these amenities by contacting us today.

Notary Service

Having a notary public on site is one of those perks you wouldn’t expect to use until the day you actually need it. Executive suites clients have access to an on-site notary service that saves time and money: Get documents notarized without having to leave the building.

The Basics: Kitchen, Wi-Fi, and Lobby

Some of the businesses that utilize our executive office suites programs are startups, many of which have never had a traditional office space. Cummings Executive Suites provides these budding businesses with access to our stocked kitchens and reliable Wi-Fi. Our buildings’ lobbies can act as alternative work areas and are home to coffee shops or small cafes. Now, you and your employees can stay on campus for your morning coffee break and lunch.

Cummings Executive Suites: Affordable Workspace Solutions for Any Business

If your business could benefit from the services included in our Cummings Executive Suites programs, contact the team at Cummings Properties today. In addition to providing professional work environments, the Cummings organization is rooted in charitable giving, meaning a partnership with Cummings Properties helps the community in which your business is based. Contact our team of leasing professionals today to learn more. 

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