Posted by on December 11, 2017

If you are building a new business or expanding into new markets, it’s important to gain insight into which type of office space is best for your company. If you need a new physical office space, the next step you should take is to set a budget.

Consider the list below when renting a new commercial office space:

  • Property, casualty, liability insurance
  • Furniture
  • Real estate taxes
  • Utilities (electric, internet, trash pickup, water/sewer, and deposits for same)
  • Services (infrastructure repair, housekeeping, and pest control)
  • Equipment acquisition (phone system, postage meter, copier, scanner, fax, and subsequent maintenance)
  • Personnel (reception and lobby)
  • Kitchen and break room appliances, appropriate furniture, and subsequent maintenance

As you can see, there are many costs that should be considered when running a successful and prosperous business. Our executive suites will help you cut down on costs significantly, as many of the above items are included, and there are services available that make leasing much simpler. Our energy-efficient buildings and new technologies provide business owners with peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about outdated equipment and repairs, an older AC unit or HVAC system, and paying for aesthetic repairs.

Below are several advantages of renting our executive suites:

  • Services – A lot of plans provide shared services for entrepreneurs who rent an executive office suite. There is a front desk professional receptionist for the entire commercial building or floor. Also, there is a daily postal service you can use.
  • Flexibility – The rental agreements for these offices usually vary from one to 12 months. Consult with us, and we will arrange the best option for you and your business.
  • Professional image – Cummings Executive Suites allow companies to rent attractive office spaces at affordable rates. Setting up a similar office space on your own would likely involve a much greater cost.

The executive office suite offers clients a chance to conduct business in a professional way and project a powerful brand image while saving money. Contact us for more information!


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