Posted by on February 26, 2020

Business owners who need office space often face a challenging dilemma: What new costs are associated with a new office space, and are there ways to mitigate these costs? Many business owners, especially those making their first leap into renting a workspace, fail to consider some of the underlying costs associated with renting a space. Cummings Executive Suites, a solution offered by Cummings Properties, provides businesses the space they need with flexible options and built-in cost-savers. Continue reading to learn more.

Part-Time Office Rental

As a growing business, do you need an entire wing or floor to operate? This is a crucial question to ask oneself when considering renting a space. If you manage a staff of fewer than 10 people and offer work-from-home flexibility, a shared or part-time workspace could be an option. Cummings Executive Suites offers a range of programs designed to meet most any in-office time requirements.

Furnished Offices

The cost of furnishing an office is often an overlooked aspect of renting a space. It can cost thousands of dollars to get an office truly up and running and ensure that employees have what they need to get the job done in relative comfort. Cummings Executive Suites provides a fully furnished workspace with quality desks, comfortable chairs and lounge seating, ample lighting, and more to ensure your business has everything it needs from day one of using the space.

High-Speed WiFi

WiFi is another frequently overlooked monthly cost. Internet access is not just a monthly expense: It could mean a one- or two-year commitment with an internet provider. Cummings Executive Suites allows client firms to log in on day one with no long-term contracts. 

Administrative Services 

Cummings Properties understands that many smaller businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time employee to take care of administrative services like answering incoming calls or making copies. Our on-location staff can take this burden off your hands. As customers call your company’s telephone line, our staff can answer with your preapproved greeting and patch the call through to your desk or personal line. In addition to traditional administrative assistance, Cummings Executive Suites offers on-site notary services to save you time.

Office Supply Discounts

Have you budgeted for pens, paper, surge protectors, shipping materials, and other office supplies? Our partnerships with UPS and W.B. Mason allow us to offer Cummings Executive Suites clients discounts on a wide variety of office products. 

Cummings Executive Suites: Offering Cost-Saving Solutions for Growing Businesses

If your business could benefit from a workspace solution similar to what was described in this blog, contact Cummings Properties today. Cummings Executive Suites are available at convenient business campus locations in Woburn and Beverly, Massachusetts. Our team of leasing professionals will be delighted to work with you to find a space that meets all of your business’ needs.