Posted by on January 29, 2019

Executive suites are the latest trend in the world of commercial real estate. The low-cost flexible leasing option is the perfect fit for many small business owners, startup companies, and individual operations. Finding the perfect executive suite can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. Before we dig deeper into what programs you should be looking for, let’s discuss what exactly an executive suite is.

What is an Executive Suite?

An executive suite is a shared office space. Your lease agreement will be much shorter than that of a traditional office space, and less expensive as well. Your lease will include a private office space, as well as amenities that are shared with other businesses in the space. Some of those shared amenities include conference rooms, break rooms, and reception areas. The space usually comes fully furnished with a “plug and play” design to further lower your costs and accelerate the move.

What Programs Should You Look For?

An effective executive suite needs to be able to meet the needs of multiple businesses at one time. The ideal executive suite will be equipped with a receptionist program that allows a friendly and experienced professional to transfer calls from your clients directly to you, manage a contact book for each business, and more. Ask about the IT infrastructure and services included in the programs as well.

Any programs that an executive suite can offer to cut costs for your business while improving productivity are important to seek out. Ask about the different programs included and how they work before signing your lease for the executive suite. Some programs may work on a cost-per-use basis, whereas others will be included in the price of your lease. If the programs run on a cost-by-use basis, consider how often you’ll be using them and if it will remain within your budget. Remember, a good executive suite is designed to provide an excellent client experience at a reasonable cost.

Programs Included at Cummings Executive Suites

From virtual office services to meeting room rentals starting at only $30 per hour, our executive suites are designed to accommodate a wide variety of businesses. We offer ready-to-use offices if you’re looking to move in immediately, and we have flexible lease terms with no long-term commitment.

Cummings Executive Suites provides clients who opt for call answering services with call screening, and call handling and patching. All clients benefit from attractive common areas, copying and printing equipment, and fully stocked kitchens with a microwave, refrigerator, filtered water, and hot beverages. We also offer a mailbox program, notary services, plenty of free parking, and more.