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Finding the right space for your startup can help position your business for long-term success. Much like searching for a private residence, choosing a home for your company involves a few key considerations. Is the space within your price range? Are there nearby services and amenities? What sets the location apart from others like it?

For an early-stage firm, these questions may seem overwhelming, especially with the abundance of options available in the greater Boston area. Cummings Executive Suites offers exceptional value for small to medium-sized businesses looking for spacious turn-key professional offices. 

Flexible Terms

Forging your way in the business world is challenging enough without having to worry about a restrictive leasing agreement. When signing a new lease, it is important to consider whether its terms will support or stymie your firm’s development over time. Some lease agreements lock a business into a particular space for multiple years without provisions to accommodate its evolving needs. 

Cummings Executive Suites offers affordable, short-term, and flexible plans for clients that are still establishing themselves in their respective markets. These leases guarantee the provision of additional space when needed, allowing clients the peace of mind to focus on what’s important: growing their businesses. Flexible lease terms are a time-tested model for successful small business development.


Every business is different. Cummings has a diverse portfolio of executive suites, allowing it to offer options suited to any type of firm. If you are a sole proprietor seeking a small office and a professional business address, we have a high-value space for you. If you work for a multinational corporation that needs a suburban satellite office for several employees, Cummings Executive Suites can accommodate the space requirement. We offer a wide selection of fully furnished suites in Woburn and Beverly, MA, two premier suburban Boston locations. Lease one of our turn-key office spaces and put your full focus on running your business from day one.


The presence of on-site amenities can greatly enhance a business’ appeal for both its employees and its potential clientele. Cummings Executive Suites in Woburn, MA is located at the high-profile TradeCenter 128 business campus. This modern facility fronts Route 128 in Woburn and offers on-site dining, banking, dry-cleaning, and fitness options. The campus, which abuts a shopping plaza with a grocery store, pharmacy, and liquor store, provides easy access to both I-93 and I-95 as well as the many amenities stationed along both roads. 

Cummings Executive Suites in Beverly, MA is housed at Cummings Center, the North Shore’s premier office park. Home to restaurants, cafes, healthcare practitioners, salons, and more, this expansive “live, work, play” campus offers exceptional convenience for resident firms. 

Lease Services 

Running a business of any size is a demanding endeavor. Small firms and startups in particular can benefit from the time and cost efficiencies afforded by a full-service lease. Building maintenance, snow removal, and even high-speed WiFi are just a few of the extras included in a Cummings Executive Suites lease. Executive Suites client firms also enjoy access to plentiful on-site services and amenities, which further contribute to the time, energy, and cost savings leasing clients find at Cummings. 

Cummings Executive Suites: Bringing Startups to the Next Level

When your small business is ready for the next step, call Cummings Executive Suites. Leverage our demonstrated history of supporting growth in local startups and small businesses. Contact us today to get started.

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